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608 new cases of Covid-19, One more death, Stay at home

608 new cases of Covid-19, One more death, Stay at home

608 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the recovery of 75 cases, bringing the total number of recovered cases in Qatar to 689. The Ministry also announces that one additional person has sadly died from coronavirus taking the death in Qatar toll from Covid-19 to 10.

Most of the new cases are for expatriate workers who have been subject to quarantine after it was found that they were in contact with confirmed cases. The rest of the new cases are for citizens and residents who had contact with COVID-19 positive family members.
All new infected cases have been put into isolation and are receiving the necessary medical care.

With the registration of 75 new recovered cases, the total number people to have recovered from COVID-19 in the State of Qatar is 689.

The total number of positive COVID-19 cases recorded in Qatar till now stands at 7141 and there are 6442 active cases under treatment.

Ministry conducted 3287 tests in last 24 hours taking the total tests done so far to 70012 tests.

The Ministry of Public Health states that the new death was a 55-year-old resident who had been hospitalized for treatment on March 23, and died as a result of medical complications due to COVID-19. The Ministry offered condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased.
The Ministry of Public Health states that the recent increase in the number of confirmed new cases of coronavirus is due to several reasons, including that the spread of the virus has begun to enter the peak stage (i.e. the highest wave that affects the country), which may continue to increase for a period of time before it begins to decline.
It is also due to the increase in the efforts of the Ministry and its medical teams to track the transmission chains of coronavirus and expand the surveillance process, including of groups of contacts with people who were previously diagnosed with the disease. All of this has contributed to the early detection of many cases of infection and reduced the spread of the virus.
The Ministry of Public Health requests all members of society to stay at home and cooperate fully with all health guidelines and preventive measures to reduce the risk of infection, including sticking to social and physical distancing guidelines. The Ministry also recommends that you regularly visit the MOPH website for the most up-to-date guidance on how to stay safe.

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