Gulab Jamun 1 Kg (From Pakistan) - Top Selling

QAR 45.00

Special Gulab Jamun One Kg, we get the Gulab Jammun directly from Pakistan, right now we don't have proper packing like Rewari Halwa box and offering our customers in nice disposable containers without too much sheera in it so you will receive more quantity of Gulab Jamuns.

Life of Gulab Jammun is around 30 days from when you will receive your box , ideal to keep in the fridge for long life.

Enjoy the yummy Pakistani Gulab Jammun taste in Qatar with every meal, gift it to your friends, offer to your family friends on parties , events, Shadi or any occasion.

If you have anymore queries on this product, please feel free to contact our customer support at +974-50666048.