Hand Sanitizer Gallon Gel (5L) - Qar 280

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Advanced Sanitizing Gel

Kills 99.99% of illness causing germs

Freshing Gel Leaves skin soft.

You can use well this gallon to refill small to big bottles of Hand Sanitizers which is more cost effective and will work for long.

Empty spray bottle is coming with the Gallon which can be filled with gel and mixed with water to sanitize doors, shoes, racks, table, chair, drawers, sofa set, inside/oustide car and more common places to kill the virusrs and bacterias, this will be more effective due to having content of alcohol in it.

One of the most recommended product to protect you and your lovely ones from current pandemic.

Good for one month stock and to refill your bottles, also ideal as a regular home use, office use, in the food and healthcare industries.

Alcohol 60%