Shoes Disinfectant (150 ml)

QAR 25.00

Sanytol Shoes Disinfectant kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Fungi and Virus. 

Bacteria, mould and fungi in shoes are responsible for unpleasant odours and can transmit diseases or irritations to the skin. SANYTOL, expert in disinfection without bleech, has developed a shoe disinfectant to remove microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its unique formula absorbs unpleasant odours, deeply disinfects and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

This product has a triple action: Bactericide according to the EN13697 standard (5 min), Fungicide according to the EN13697 standard (15min), Virucide according to EN 14478 (30min)

Recommendations: Use exclusively for the interior of shoes. Do not spray on other surfaces or in the air. Read carefully the label before use. Shake the aerosol before use. Spray directly inside the shoes (trainers, boots, heals, slippers). Let it work for a few minutes and let it dries. Repeat the operations as often as necessary. The shoes disinfected shall not be in  direct contact with skin. Do not use it on leather. To other delicate materials, try it before on a hidden zone. *Does not stain, does not grease.